OPTA Events for September
Hey, there's nothing going on! I guess there's no snow on the ground. Check back in the fall, we've always got something going on!

Permits are only available online (this includes Seasonal, classic, replacements, upgrade and multi-day permits) and can be purchased on the OFSC website. To buy online, you will need: Snowmobile ownership (year/make/model/license plate/VIN), a valid email address, the name of the OFSC club you wish to support and a valid Visa or Mastercard

Any snowmobiler owning a sled that is model year 1999 or older is entitled to buy a Classic Permit for $150 on or before December 1, a Classic Permit offers a saving of $30 off the regular fee of $180.

Both the Seasonal and Classic Permit allow access to available OFSC trails anywhere in Ontario for the entire winter. OFSC member clubs operate over 30,000 kilometres of snowmobile trails throughout Ontario that rely on the revenue from the sale of permits to pay operational costs. These trails generate almost $1 billion of winter tourism economic impact annually, while enabling family riders from all walks of life to enjoy winter by visiting many places and sights only accessible by snowmobile.

2019 Ski-Doo Renegade Sport 600 Get your tickets for our 2019 raffle sled. This year we have a 2019 Ski-Doo Renegade Sport 600. Tickets are available at local businesses throughout Sioux Lookout and Hudson.

The Ojibway Power Toboggan Association is a proud member of NWOSTA (North West Ontario Snowmobile Trails Association), the provincial association OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs), Sunset Country and the Patricia Region Tourist Bureau.

The Ojibway Power Toboggan Association is situated in Ontario's Sunset Country and is a volunteer organization that maintains snowmobile trails in the Sioux Lookout area and promotes safe snowmobiling by providing training courses and keeping trails in good condition.

OPTA organizes events throughout the season to promote the sport. Some events include the Annual Poker Derby, Snowmobile Raffle and Snowarama. OPTA also has an annual social and various family events throughout the year. OPTA has an average of 250 members based on trail permit sales, and has an average of 20 active volunteers that perform the trail maintenance and club administrative functions. OPTA maintains 150km of the TransOntario Provincial (TOP) trail network, and approximately 150km of local trails.

Buy your Trail Permit Now! Snowarama, January 28th Poker Derby February 3rd and 4th
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